R7® Tool by WinField United

The R7® Tool by WinField United is a decision ag solution that provides unbiased product performance information and offers a host of specialized functions designed to help growers optimize crop performance and maximize return on investment.
Historical Archive
This is a basic function in The R7® Tool that combines nearly fifteen years of satellite images to give you a unique and fresh perspective of your field. These archives contain things like Yield Potential Maps, Soil Variability Maps, aerial images, and USDA soil maps. Growers can also add actual yield data and soil sampling maps that combine with archive maps to give them an even greater understanding of field performance.
Seed Functions
Winfield United uses its nationwide Answer Plot Program to study how specific hybrids and varieties respond to factors like population, nitrogen, fungicides, crop rotation and soil types; then showcases this data using the R7 Tool. The seed functions, such as the Performance Mapper and Characterization Charts allow growers and agronomists evaluate seed performance both locally and nationally. When we combine this performance data with our response data from the Answer Plot it provides the greatest ability to capture the highest return on investment out of each input with greater predictability.
In-Season Imagery
In-season imagery helps growers and agronomists monitor crop progress in a field as the season progresses so they can take corrective measures before yield potential is jeopardized. The R7 Tool also performs as a scouting tool, allowing its users to drop pins, attach pictures, and leave notes specific to each field. You also have the ability access tissue sample information through Nutrisolutions and view weather data such as temperature, precipitation, and GDD specific to each field.
Variable Rate
The R7 Tool has the capability to easily create variable rate prescriptions for a variety of applications, from planting to solid fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, lime or spraying. The prescription maps can be built using any archive image, in-season image, yield map or any combination that accurately represents the field. Once built for you, the prescriptions are easily loaded into most monitors.
Future Outlook
Winfield United is continually working to advance the functions and capability of The R7 Tool to remain the leader in decision ag technology. Functions like crop modeling through the Field Forecasting Tool, and data storage and collection through the Data Silo feature are two things that are currently being tested, and will soon be introduced to growers.